We bring cool products directly to you, cutting down the costs!
Unlike traditional retail shops, we don't have to deal with middlemen chargers and retail operating costs, so we stay lean and cut down our price for YOU! Most importantly, we keep tabs on quality and ensures that YOU'll get your money back if you're not satisfied!


What's our CORE? Trendy, but cool BRAH!
We aim to define what's cool in the state of fast fashion, and bring products to you that makes you an individual. Once you put on or use our goodies, we are hoping to fish compliments like, "Woah, that's so cool bro!" No matter your age, culture or ethnicity, you deserve the right to set the trend and become the cool one among your friends! So stay tuned for what we got for you!


What are we bringing you of value?
A business without values is not a business. We as Cool BRAH the brand, ought to build trust and produce quality products. Not only that, our core mission is to make amazing products more accessible to everyone around the globe. That is how our business strives. 


Where are we from?
The beautiful Melbourne, Australia.